The focus for the Wai Ora application was to enhance the 40 ha network of wetland retired in 2000 on the Taharoa Trust. These wetlands play a key role in filtering and cleansing the water as well as offering key habitats for our local biodiversity. The owners intend to spray the weeds and enhance their wetlands by in filling native trees where needed. This year, we have focused our resources on 2 wetlands around Sues’ garden. Weeds have been sprayed off late in November and plantings were established in May 2019. A clean site around a wetland has been planted in September with 300 flaxes.

The WCMG has managed a community-led restoration programme since 2013 and the implementation of their catchment management plan was supported by Wai Ora funding. The management plan, initially, focused on three projects:

  1. Retirement of 10ha of riparian margins and establishing 23,000 native trees
  2. Extending the community- based water and fish monitoring programme
  3. Displaying an interpretative sign around shelter facilities

Mātauranga Māori is at the heart of WCMG’s work, and they spend a significant amount of time transferring their local knowledge to tamariki at their kura. The results of their amazing project can be found in the report below and you can keep up with their on-going mahi at their website www.whangawehi.com.

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