The Kaituna Pātaka Kai Project is a collaboration led by tāngata whenua representatives of Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority. It is a way to preserve and revitalise mātauranga, tikanga and kawa per-taining to freshwater taonga, in particular tuna, īnanga, kōura, kōaro, and kākahi.

Terekaunuku Dean Flavell, Chair of Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority

Te Wai Māori is funding a pilot study to enable hapū and iwi to co-develop and test a freshwater fisheries monitoring plan. It would be guided by koeke and pūkenga interviews, waiata, hītori (i.e. where kaiawa used to be) and mātauranga-based monitoring methodologies (i.e. where kaiawa are now). This would guide habitat restoration planning and establish a framework for future years.

Progress to date

  • Formation of a project team; development of a project plan and interview questions and protocols.
  •  Initial research of Treaty settlements, scientific monitoring re-ports and resource consents. A detailed report has outlined the history of this vast area.
  •  Preliminary planning of the freshwater fisheries monitoring plan. Maramataka will play a vital role as the foundation for the monitoring plan.
  •  It is intended that the draft monitoring plan will be ready by the end of May with a view to commencing physical monitoring of selected rivers and streams within the Kaituna River Catchment during Matariki.