Hydroelectric dams in New Zealand and fish passage


This report has been prepared following the 2014 Māori tuna (eel) symposium in Hopuhopu. At this hui fish passage at dams was identified as having a big impact on native fish, particularly eels. Hydro-dams are causing a major barrier for young elvers when finding suitable habitat to live, while also chopping up eels as they migrate to sea to breed.

The aim of commissioning this report is to discuss with tangata whenua, power companies and local authorities to get the right fish passage conditions into the consent when it is up for renewal. It also aims to support the development of GIS Map which shows the location of each dam, the consent holder and dates for renewal for the consent.

This report covers the following key aspects of hydroelectric dams within New Zealand:

  • Name, location and name of consent holder for the relevant dam
  • When the resource consent is up for renewal
  • Outlines the conditions of consent as they relate to fish passage.
October 2014

» Hydroelectric dams and fish passage in New Zealand

Prepared for Te Wai Māori Trust