The Trust provides a range of services to iwi including policy advice, commissioning research on key freshwater fisheries issues, and project funding.

Policy advisory services

Te Wai Māori provides policy advice to iwi and Māori Fisheries Settlement entities, on matters that affect freshwater fisheries and freshwater habitat.

Developing Māori interests in freshwater fisheries

Te Wai Māori makes funding available to iwi and hapū through the Wai Ora Fund and the Tiaki Wai Fund to promote and advance Māori interests in freshwater fisheries through development, research and education.


On behalf of iwi, we undertake or commissions research on key freshwater fisheries issues. These research reports are available in our resources section.


An important role of Te Wai Māori is maintaining effective communication with our Iwi stakeholders, to keep them informed of important legislative, regulatory and policy developments that affect their relationship with taonga freshwater species. As an agent of Iwi, Te Wai Māori engages and liaises with a range of sectors and government agencies.

Outcomes we work towards

Advancing Māori interests in freshwater fisheries means:

  • Increasing iwi and hapū capacity and capability in freshwater fisheries and their ability to control their freshwater fisheries.
  • Fostering indigenous fisheries expertise, knowledge and understanding.
  • Increasing the quality and range of information to iwi and hapū on freshwater fisheries and their interests thereof.
  • Ensuring that the indigenous fisheries are well and can be enhanced.

We take a long term and integrated view of our organisational outcomes.

Who we work with

Te Wai Māori works with Iwi, Māori Fisheries Settlement entities, Te Ohu Kaimoana, and a range of government agencies.