Restoration of Mangere and Wairua Rivers

Environment River Patrol (ERP-A)

This project focuses on the restoration of Mangere and Wairua Rivers to protect the habitat and fisheries from the impacts of unfenced farming and population.  During the past five years ERP-A has created its own reporting structure to the Northland Regional Council (NRC) on environmental issues in the rohe of Te Urioroi, Te Parawhau and Te Mahurehure hapū.  Many of the reports are on the effects of unfenced cattle on waterways.  The reports are used to influence NRC decision making and have resulted in more than 300km of fencing erected within the Northland region.

2019/2020 Funded Projects


Project Funding
Te Rūnanga o Ngā Wairiki Ngāti Apa Lake Koitiata Wai Ora
Tūwharetoa Māori Trust Board Kōura monitoring population study Tiaki Wai
Wairoa Taiwhenua Enhancement of the mauri of the Wairoa River Wai Ora
Aorangi Whānau Trust Survey and monitor Tuna within the Jerusalem area of the Whanganui River. Wai Ora
Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board Awa restoration and management strategy Wai Ora
Te Rūnanga ō Ngāti Mutunga Apply the Mauricompass assessment to the local awa to assess the its mauri and hauora Wai Ora
Mahia Māori Committee  Freshwater Monitoring plan Wai Ora
Ngāti Tarawhai Te Iwi Trust Board Assessment of koura through the use of Tau Koura Wai Ora
Te Whenua Tōmuri Trust Water monitoring of local awa Wai Ora
Muriwhenua Kaitiaki Water monitoring of local awa Wai Ora