Taonga freshwater fish suffer as a result of polluted waterways

20 April 2020

Te Wai Māori Trust is saddened to hear about two further cases of pollution in waterways that are home to many taonga freshwater species. This includes native and endangered species such as long fin tuna, inanga and banded kokopu.

“There have been several examples recently of discharges to streams and rivers causing devastating environmental damage to freshwater fish habitat and the taonga fish species living in them,” says Te Wai Māori Trust manager, Graeme Hastilow.

Last week, a number of tuna and other indigenous fish died in two streams in Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Maui. This follows on from last month’s mass death of tuna in the Tawhiti Stream near Hawera.

“We all need to take care not to discharge any contaminants into our waterways. These are our taonga,” says Te Wai Māori Trust manager, Graeme Hastilow.

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