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Te Wai Māori established the Wai Ora Fund in 2012, and the Tiaki Wai Fund in 2019. Over the years, the funds have collectively distributed over $2M to 60 iwi and hapū led projects. See the map below for our currently funded projects.

Featured projects

Whangawehi Catchment Restoration Project

Overview The focus for the Wai Ora application was to enhance the 40 ha network of wetland retired in 2000 on the Taharoa Trust. These wetlands play a key role in filtering and cleansing the water as well as offering key habitats for our local biodiversity. The owners intend to spray the weeds and enhance their wetlands by in filling native trees where needed. This year, we have focused our resources on 2 wetlands around Sues’ garden. Weeds have been sprayed off late in November and plantings were established in May 2019. A clean site around a wetland has been planted in September with 300 flaxes. The WCMG has managed a community-led restoration programme since 2013 and the implementation of their catchment management plan was supported by Wai Ora funding. The management plan, initially, focused on [...]

June 9th, 2019|Funded Projects|

Wai Ora Lake Ōkataina Fisheries Project

About the project The Lake Ōkataina Taonga Fisheries Project is a joint collaboration between Te Arawa Lakes Trust and Ngāti Tarawhai Iwi Trust to undertake baseline kōura assessment using traditional Tau Kōura methods on Lake Ōkataina. Lake Ōkataina is one of fourteen lakes within the Rotorua region and is located 30 minutes from the Rotorua city centre on State Highway 30. Lake Okataina and surrounding lakes The Lake Ōkataina Taonga Fisheries Project enabled local hapū members to actively participate in kōura monitoring under the expert guidance of local expert, Dr Ian Kusabs, supported by Joe Butterworth and environmental experts from Te Arawa Lakes Trust. This project sought to provide the hapū of Lake Ōkataina with a knowledge base about kōura species within the Te Arawa lakes – via a baseline assessment project and ongoing [...]

May 9th, 2019|Funded Projects|

The River Talks – Ōmaru Restorative Action Project

Overview Te Wai Māori Trust supported the Ōmaru Restorative Action Project to restore the mana of Ōmaru, a waterway in Glen Innes, Auckland. This was achieved through a three-day hui called “River Talks” held at Ruapōtaka Marae. The hui was attended by 300 people and had 30 speakers across a range of topics including the environmental damage and neglect of the waterway, social disparity and justice, and issues around colonisation. Since 2013 Mad Ave has managed annual awareness and education programs integrating the kaupapa of restorative action within Council plans, local organisations and schools. The engagement portion is aptly named The River Talks. The celebrated engagement event typically happens in February and has done so since its 2013 inception. Coordinated and Facilitated by Mad Ave Navigator Tāmati Patuwai, Artists; from poets, dancers, graphic artists and musicians [...]

June 9th, 2016|Funded Projects|
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