Our purpose

To advance Māori interests in freshwater fisheries through:

  • Undertaking or funding research, development and education;
  • Promoting the protection and enhancement of freshwater fisheries habitat;
  • Promoting the establishment of freshwater fisheries; and
  • Using resources to bring direct and indirect

Outcomes we work towards

Advancing Māori interests in freshwater fisheries means:

  • Increasing iwi and hapū capacity and capability in freshwater fisheries and their ability to control their freshwater fisheries.
  • Fostering indigenous fisheries expertise, knowledge and understanding.
  • Increasing the quality and range of information to iwi and hapū on freshwater fisheries and their interests thereof.
  • Ensuring that the indigenous fisheries are well and can be enhanced.

We take a long term and integrated view of our organisational outcomes.

He reo tō te wai
He reo tō te tangata
Kotahi tonu te whakapapa, whakakotahitia!

Our water has its language | As too do our people have theirs | Both born of one whakapapa, United!.