Assessment Criteria (and weighting %)

The assessment criteria (and weighting %) are set out below:

  1. Advancing Māori interests in freshwater fisheries (35%): through the enhancement or protection of freshwater species, habitat, water quality and surrounding land.  Specific focus on:
    • Mātauranga Māori
    • Monitoring
    • Native fisheries and habitat restoration
    • Partnerships
    • Innovation
  2. Benefits to Māori (25%): projects need to demonstrate how they contribute to the four well-beings: cultural – social – environmental – economic of Māori and the wider community, both in the short and long term.  The outcomes or methodology of the project need to be applicable for whānau, hapū and iwi in other rohe to use, and the application needs to show how it will provide for this.
  3. Capability (25%): projects need to demonstrate how applicants will deliver the outcomes of the project, indicate who is involved in the project and their relevant experience. Project applications must show how monitoring against objectives will occur and how risks, the likely impact (high, medium, low) and how they will be mitigated and overcome.
  4. Partnerships (15%): preference will be given to applications that promote and support collaboration or partnerships with tangata whenua i.e. the project will support an initiative of an iwi or hapū fish plan, or, where two or more iwi or hapū work together on shared outcomes.