Freshwater Information for Iwi

Below are a range of links providing freshwater information to iwi.

Freshwater for a Sustainable Future:  Issue and Options

This discussion document is the Government's response to the number of freshwater challenges facing New Zealand. It presents a package of actions to address the problems currently facing the water management system. These actions cover many approaches - regulatory and market-based approaches, public education and more.

Wai Ora: Report of the Sustainable Water Programme of Action Consultation Hui (Report)

A government discussion document entitled “Freshwater for a Sustainable Future: issue and options” was distributed in 2005 for public consultation.  This report summarises the feedback received at 17 hui with Maori held in February and March 2005.

Treaty Settlements or Deeds of Settlement that may have implications for the Proposed National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management. (Report)

The Board of Inquiry hearing the Proposed National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management requested a report on all relevant Treaty settlements or Deeds of Settlement that may have implications for the Proposed National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, and particularly those that give direction to functionaries under the Resource Management Act 1991.

This report collates sections, that may be relevant, from Treaty settlement legislation, Deeds of Settlement, and Protocols developed under Treaty Settlements.

List of publications developed by the Ministry for the Environment

This link takes you to a number of freshwater related reports and articles that have been written or contracted by the Ministry for the Environment in relation to freshwater management.

National Policy Statement for Freshwater 2011

National policy statements enable central government to prescribe objectives and policies on resource management matters of national significance. Such statements guide subsequent decision-making under the RMA at the national, regional and district levels. National policy statements can therefore significantly affect resource management practices in New Zealand. This is a direct link to the current National Policy Statement for Freshwater that was established in 2011.

Report and Recommendations of the Board of Inquiry into the Proposed National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management.

This report provides the recommendations of the Board of Inquiry into the Proposed National Policy for Freshwater Management.

Māori  perspectives on water allocation

This report is a result of engagement that involved a series of interviews and focus groups with iwi, hapū and regional council staff involved in water allocation. Overall, this engagement revealed widespread dissatisfaction among iwi and hapū as to how the current water allocation system provides for their values and interests

Exploration of Māori participation in the management of freshwater (Report)

This report was commissioned by the Ministry for the Environment to document the tools being used to support Maori participation in freshwater management under the Resource Management Act 1991 and to suggest areas that could be further investigated. It is primarily a literature review of regional policy statements, regional plans and some long-term council community plans prepared by regional councils and unitary authorities in New Zealand.

Waikato River Independent Scoping Study Report (Report)

This report provides an assessment of the health of the Waikato River and its catchment. It recommends actions that could be undertaken to restore the river.

Indigenous Challenges to enhance Freshwater Governance and Management in Aotearoa New Zealand – The Waikato River Settlement (Paper)

This paper explores the challenges that Māori face in having a stronger voice in the management of their waterways.  It uses the Waikato River settlement as a case study for enhancing the management by Māori in waterways through co-management.

Māori Representation in Local Government – The Continuing Challenge (Report)

For Māori to have a voice in the management of freshwater under the current regime they need to have a voice at the local council level.  This voice is not currently guaranteed unless you are a part of the Bay of Plenty region. 
The Human Rights Commission in its annual review of race relations identified Māori representation in local government and an effective voice for Māori in the decisions of the new Auckland Council as being among the top 10 priorities for 2010.  This report identifies the challenges and provides recommendations.

Sustainable Freshwater Management – Towards an Improved New Zealand Approach.

This report presents the findings of a study commissioned to further investigate and develop a new framework for sustainable water allocation management that combines statutory planning with market based mechanisms.

Māori Ownership of Freshwater.  Legal Paradox or Potential (Thesis)

This dissertation explores a number of questions in relationship to Māori ownership of freshwater.  Questions explored include;  is it legally correct for Māori to be asserting ‘ownership’ of freshwater based on a legal system that is seemingly adverse to such a concept?  What are the implications of such recognition for tikanga Māori?  Moreover, if ownership of freshwater is legally justified under tikanga Māori, how will a dominant legal system respond to such a contention?  Will it recognise Māori ownership or choose to ignore it?

Māori claims to ownership of freshwater (Paper)

This article examines what ownership means and the extent to which strengthened co-management arrangements could satisfy Māori  claims to ownership of the freshwater resource.

Māori  Rights to Govern Freshwater (Article)

A brief description of the freshwater issues that iwi face and the current regime for freshwater.

Māori rights in water – the Waitangi Tribunal’s interim report (Article)

This article provides a summary of the interim  Report on the National Freshwater and Geothermal Resources Claim.

Developments in the Waitangi Tribunal – Mixed Ownership Model Claim (Article)

This article provides some general information about the progress of the Waitangi Tribunal Claims, New Zealand Supreme Court Decision in Haronga and Māori  Claims regarding partial privatisation, freshwater and geothermal resources

Waitangi Tribunal to fast track water and asset inquiries

This article provides a short outline of the Freshwater and Geothermal Resources claim and identifies some likely outcomes for this claim.