About Wai Māori

Wai Māori is keen to fully utilise the Wai Māori website as an effective tool to communicate with iwi Māori. To aid in this, the website will host current articles and publications as they relate to freshwater and freshwater fisheries as well as links to relevant Māori Fisheries Organisations.

This website is also an opportunity for iwi Māori to communicate with Wai Māori and the wider Te Ohu Group on issues and opportunities as they relate to the freshwater environment.

Our Purpose

To advance Māori interests in freshwater fisheries through:

  • Undertaking or funding research, development and education;
  • Promoting the protection and enhancement of freshwater fisheries habitat;
  • Promoting the establishment of freshwater fisheries;
  • and Using resources to bring direct and indirect benefits to Māori in respect of their freshwater fisheries interests

Do you have a freshwater fishery initiative that needs some assistance? Applications are now open for iwi and hapu to apply for help through the 2014/15 Wai Ora fund. The fund is available for use in freshwater fisheries development, research and education projects that ultimately advance Māori interests in freshwater fisheries.

Find out more about the Wai Ora Fund.
- Purpose, Criteria, Key Dates and Application Forms.